Printhead cleaning wet wipes

Regular preventive cleaning of the printing head will extend its service life

Did you know that the manufacturer of your thermal transfer printer recommends regular cleaning of the printing head? This is needed to protect it from early damage and a poor printing quality.

Cleaning is necessary to eliminate all the residues that are generated during the printing process, such as the label dust, paint, glue, etc. Over time, this residue will become a permanent barrier between the printing head and the label, which results in a poor printing quality. Users will then usually increase the printing temperature, thus reducing the service life of the head.

We offer an efficient, cheap and safe way of cleaning the printing head yourself.

These are wet wipes used for cleaning the printing head.

No matter whether it is a standard printer for labels used in the office or an industrial one, all printers need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

We recommend cleaning the printing head each time you change the colour bar.    


Figure 1 – This shows a new printing head with enlarged print head elements.


Figure 2 – This printing head with enlarged printing head elements is already dirty and damaged.



Solution formula

The wet wipes used for cleaning the printing head are moistened with an isopropyl alcohol solution.

This solution actively cleans and easily removes the residues of label dust, paint, glue, etc.

In addition, it does not damage the printing head at all. It is sufficient to wipe off the printing head with a wet wipe once or twice.


The wet wipes are used to clean the thermal heads, rollers, guides and other surface areas of the printer.

Cleaning the sensors is not recommended.


Each wipe is packaged individually. They are easy to store.

The shelf life of the unpacked packages is up to 5 years.


Non-woven fabric (wood mass 55%, polyester 45%); Isopropyl alcohol 99.97%; Cymene 0.03%.

The packaging material is aluminium foil and a PE film that prevents the evaporation of the liquid and holds in the wipe’s moisture.


Country of origin: China.


Sold in packages of:

  • 10 pcs.
  • 200 pcs.
  • 2000 pcs. (10 packages x 200 pcs.)

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