Label roll max. width: 150-230 mm
Speed: 50 m/min
Outside label roll diameter: 300-400 mm




It is a unit for handling self-adhesive labels on reels which can:

– Rewind the labels clockwise or anti-clockwise and handle different reel core diameters;

– Count the labels, using an incremental counter for labels dispensed or a countdown counter;

– Check the availability of the labels and stop in the event of a missing label.


When working as a rewinder it can rewind labels from rolls with a max. diameter of 300 mm (400 mm for the BIG version), wound facing inwards or outwards, with a mandrel ranging from 40 to 110 mm (76 mm in the BIG version), onto rolls with a max diameter of 300 mm (400 mm for the BIG version) with face-in or face-out winding. The average rewinding speed is over 50 m/min.


When working as a control device, a photocell not only counts the labels but is also able to check the availability of the labels and warn if they are missing, with the possibility to stop the system in order to reposition the labels. This operation does not require settings as it is performed by the control unit which acquires the label length via self learning. An ultrasonic detector is available for use with transparent labels.


The control panel incorporates a 2-line, 20 character display and 7 function keys for programming:

– The rewind speed;

– Face-in or face-out winding;

– Check for missing labels or spacing;

– Incremental or count-down pieces counter with automatic stop.


RWR COUNTER CHECK is available in three versions: BASIC, PLUS and BIG; all versions can be supplied with meter counters as an option.


BASIC version:


PLUS version:


BIG version:



Additional information



Max. labels width

150 mm (BIG version 230 mm)


Approx 50 m/min

Outside label roll diameter

(400 mm BIG version), 300 mm


(76 mm BIG version), 40-110 mm

Electrical supply

230V 50Hz


150 W


844 x 385 x 374 mm (BIG version 1215 x 560 x 500 mm)


(BIG versija 45 kg), 30 kg


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