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We have extensive experience with textile label printers and consumables. 10 years ago, we were fascinated by Chuwa Co., Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of Japanese maintenance label printers.

The strength of Chuwa Co., Ltd. is that they are constantly (for 40 years) looking for new and even more convenient solutions, without establishing a goal that “this is sufficient.” As a pioneer in textile label printers, Chuwa aims to be a leader in the industry. Their motto, which continues to inspire improvement, is, “Can’t it be even more comfortable?”

We take unites the products of this manufacturer and our knowledge and materials. And now we can offer you solutions that fully meet the needs of your company.

These technologies are highly regarded by our customers. So these Chuwa textile printers have become one of our assets.

Using Chuwa’s innovative spirit, we strive for even more convenient technology in our range. Since 2020, UAB Printmark Group has been the authorized distributor of Chuwa Co., Ltd in Europe.

Our main goal is to provide you with a set of powerful solutions. Making the most of the know-how and technologies garnered up to now, we continue our efforts earnestly addresses the desires of our customers.



Tekstilinių etikečių spausdintuvai Programinė įranga  
Textile printer Textile printer optional equipment “NiceLabel” software  
Tekstilinės etiketės    
Textile labels Thermal transfer ribbon    

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